March 5, 2013 Lineup

One To Grow On…Strikes Back! On March 5 we have…

Christian Finnegan (Comedian, Best Week Ever, Chappelle’s Show)

Eliot Glazer (Writer, Comedian, It Gets Betterish)

Jackie Mancini (Writer, Guyspeed, XOJane)

Dawn J. Fraser (Writer, Storyteller, Unchained Tour)

OTGO Information

March 5th at 7:00 p.m. Under Saint Marks

94 St. Marks Pl, East Village

Between First Ave and Ave A

And that’s…one to grow on

What’s one to grow on? Well, let me Google that for you. Oh! Oh! It’s  a public service announcement series from the 80’s with stars like Jason Bateman and Michael J. Fox telling us not to play with matches, or blast our boom boxes. Simpler times folks, simpler times.

One to grow on (OTGO) is also a new monthly show on the LES featuring a mix of storytellers and writers, 4 guests each.  But the stories you hear won’t be simple. They’ll be intriguing and funny and vibrant. Sometimes they’ll be uplifting, sometimes they’ll be dark.  Sometimes they’ll be all of those things at once. 

To navigate you through it all:  Robin Gelfenbien, your charming, hilarious (charlarious?) host.  To get to know our guests a little better: Jennifer Tress will conduct a brief interview (hoping to channel equal parts James Lipton, Will Farrell doing James Lipton and Kelly Ripa). 

"Turn that music down, you darn kids!"